A view from the Magistrate\’s Bench of the interior of the Moonee Ponds Court House Museum (c. 1980)
Source: Essendon Historical Society Collection (01663)

EHS members elect a new Committee at the Annual General Meeting each August. Meeting monthly, the Committee not only steers the Society but also, having been the occupant since October 25, 1981, acts as Committee of Management for the Moonee Ponds Court House. 

Committee 2023-2024

President: Cate Hutchings
Vice President: Kelsey Collins
Secretary: Hayden Williams
Treasurer: Terry Scott
Assistant Treasurer: Amanda Watson
Committee Members:
Elaine Brogan OAM
Lyndall Byrne
Bob Chalmers
Darryn Hartnett

01664 Courthouse

Members, including EHS Presidents Sam Merrifield and Ron Lambert, gathered in the Moonee Ponds Court House Museum (c. 1980)
Source: EHS Collection (01664)

The 2021/22 Annual Report

The Annual Report provides a sample of the Society\’s activities for the year, including an overview of the Society\’s affairs, recaps of significant events, and updates on the projects of EHS sub-committees.

Life Members

EHS recognises individuals who have voluntarily contributed significantly to the goals and objectives of EHS.

The award of Honorary Life Membership is the highest honour that EHS can bestow on an individual and, as such, is only be awarded in exceptional circumstances to those who has made a significant contribution to the preservation of the history of the Moonee Valley district and enhanced the standing of EHS in the local community and in Victoria by positively promoting and supporting the Society.

Accreditations & Affiliations

EHS has been an incorporated association in the State of Victoria since November 3, 1988 – A0017240P.


EHS is affiliated with the Royal Historical Society of Victoria (RHSV)

EHS has been a registered Australian business – 33 706 980 895.


EHS is accredited as an official Place of Deposit (PoD) with the Public Records Office of Victoria (PROV).

EHS acts as the Committee of Management for the Moonee Ponds Court House Museum, administered by DELWP.

Moonee Valley Historical Society

The Moonee Valley Historical Society is a Registered Business Name of the Essendon Historical Society Inc. from 20 April 2021.

While the Society wishes to preserve its historic “Essendon Historical Society” name, it has always had a focus on the district as defined by the Parish of Doutta Galla and the local government areas including today’s Moonee Valley. 

Moonee Valley Historical Society will be used occasionally when appropriate.